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"Why does talking help? I don't need counselling; my friends do that!"

Having the capability to think, feel and take action with clarity and understanding is about being human. As humans, our thoughts can become problematic and, in turn, affect our emotions. We can feel stuck, isolated, alone, confused, depressed, anxious and just need someone to listen to our story.


As your therapist, I am here to hear your thoughts, to not judge your feelings,  and to just be with you in that moment.  After endless amounts of studies over the years, the art of talking therapies, such as counselling, is used to help people come to terms with any problems they are facing with an ultimate aim of overcoming them. As professionals our approach is different to that of friends insofar as we are not emotionally invested in you but are professionally invested in you and your journey of change.

"What does 'integrative' mean?"   

"Integrative - adjective - combining two or more things to form an effective unit or system"


Integrative counselling/therapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies.  Imagine a toolbox full to the brim with products (nails, screwdrivers, spanners etc).  The integrative therapist has many psychological tools in his/her box.​

My approach is person-centred whereby the focus is on YOU the client. YOU will lead me and I will guide YOU. An integrative therapist uses skills from many modalities. We can work together using one or several of the tools in the therapeutic box exploring your thoughts, feelings and actions. Together we can reach your goal.

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