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Some wonderful feedback from a selection of my brave and lovely clients.

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"Picking the right counsellor is vital to a successful outcome. They are your guide on what can sometimes be a difficult journey and you need someone who you can trust who will make sure you get to the end of that journey successfully.

From the moment I met Tracey I was immediately put at ease.  She exudes a calming influence that sets the tone and I felt well looked after throughout every session.  Most importantly, I could see how each week built on the last and every week felt like progress.  Some people are just made for the jobs that they do. Tracey is one of those people."  

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Mr M, Surrey

"I had never had counselling of any type before and was quite anxious about my first and subsequent sessions. However, I was soon put at ease by the gentle and professional approach that Tracey took. I felt like I had at last found someone to listen to me and who really seemed to hear and understand me. Tracey's room was so comfortable and calming that my nerves soon dissipated and I soon felt safe and relaxed.  I can't thank Tracey enough for the difference her kindness and insight has made to my life.  Thank you!" 

Mrs N, Hampshire

"Tracey was a shining light when I was feeling quite low last year (2017).  She was very good at listening and drawing out what was troubling me.  I think someone who can guide, listen and yet seem very familiar, is a winner in my book! I would highly recommend." 

Miss Z. Gallagher, North London

"With the sudden passing of my wife I was left consumed with grief and floundering to make sense of my situation. Tentatively, I resolved to reach out for help. I was lucky enough to be recommended to see Tracey. What followed was a revelation to me. The one to one sessions allowed me to discuss my feelings in a relaxed manner without ever feeling rushed. After each session, I came away feeling a little more whole, to the point now where I am able to understand and cope with my emotions, allowing me to rebuild my confidence and enjoy my life again."

Mr G, Hampshire

"I was privileged to see Tracey in her final year of study.  She helped me deal with a problem that had been troubling me for many years as well as with anxiety and everyday life.  Tracey made insightful and thoughtful comments that made me challenge my thinking and made me realise how far I had come and how well I was actually doing.  I felt so much more in control of my life and would whole heartedly recommend Tracey."  

Mrs H, Surrey
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